Monthly Promotion for 28 Days

28 day twitter marketing packages

For our 28 day Twitter Marketing Package we will tweet 45 to 50 tweets every week. With Re tweets from other accounts this will usually exceed 50.

These tweets are constructed specially for your business. We build in any forthcoming events or promotions that you need to mention.

We charge £140 a week for this service which is £560 per month.

All our Twitter Marketing Packages & services provide interaction on the accounts we are promoting in addition to our promotional Tweets.

  • 28 Days of approximately 7 Tweets a day

    A focused and Targeted campaign for 28 days of 50 Tweets a week.

  • Focused Tweets on you Products and services

    By using carefully selected key words and # Hashtags we can achieve the best exposure for your services and products.

  • Picture, Links & other media to create and generate interest

    By Combining Interesting Pictures and other media to generate interest with links back to your web site to generate Traffic to to your web site for your services and products.