2 products 1 year

2 tweets a day for a year to promote products & or your brand £100.

We offer 2 focused tweets a day for a year to promote your  products &  brand for £100.

This offer provides the you with ability to update the  products, services or promotions that you wish to promote. Obviously these  can be tailored for  any special events that you might be holding.

Events, promotions and special offers often change as the year passes by  so  consideration must be given for these,

The use of  social media promotion for a small business  will build your know, like and trust factor.

Knowing, liking and trusting a business will lead to enquiries and that will lead to sales.

At the same time you will generate & retain a much larger potential client base.

The use of regular promotional tweets will keep your business in the eye of the consumer  and making it look right  up to date.  The type of business that customers  like to buy from

All our twitter marketing packages offers are custom built for each client.

At £100 this is less than £2 per week less than a Coffee!

These are targeted tweets & we will re tweet these from other Twitter Accounts.

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Email John@tweeturbiz.co.uk

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