TweetUrSis Networking Tuesdays 9pm

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Tweetursis Networking

TweetUrSis Networking

TweetUrSis Networking is a Twitter hour held every Tuesday evening at 9pm.  I say an hour its actually 90 minutes so it should finish at 10.30PM ! However such is the interest of some of the members it has run on for nearly 3 hours!

Whilst the hour is called TweetUrSis Twitter Brothers are always welcome!.

The idea of the hour is not to be bombarded by robot tweets. But to genuinely network with other businesses using Twitter.

The more businesses you know and interact with the more your business will be known and your social media presence will grow.

By growing your Social Media presence more people will get to Know Like and Trust you. That is a key factor in building a strong social media presence which will result in more interest in your business. That interest will turn into inquiries and of course inquiries can and do turn into sales.

Win a weeks Twitter Promotion

There is the possibility of winning a weeks free promotion of a Twitter Marketing Package on Twitter from TweetUrBizUK.

It is a great prize to win but it is not awarded lightly!

To qualify you need to be the most interactive participant on the night but there does need to be reasonable attendance level  so as to have a balanced results and the judges will not award the prize if attendance is low.

The judges are looking for the following:-

Business that :-

Introduce themselves & briefly explain what they do –  we ask this as newbies will not know who you are.

Interact with other attendees including the hosts.

Retweet  as appropriate Tweets that interest you from attendees and the host.

Tweet original content as far as possible and do not spam.

We hope this very simple guide helps and will produce more winners.

If you want to promote your small business on Twitter you should have a look at our Twitter Marketing Packages

Here are some simple questions and answers:

Can I win again if I have already won –  Yes of course but consideration will be given as to when you last won so as to give newbies a good crack of the whip.

What happens if I am a  first timer can I winYes of course you can – it is judged on the night – but it can help if you have been before or a regular attendee.

If I win should I attend again  – If you want to keep up with you new friends it would be a good idea and of course we tend to Retweet the regular attendees when we can.