Twitter Marketing Packages

Twitter Marketing Package

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Twitter Marketing Package

If you have a small business you really need to be on social media and use a Twitter Marketing Package. Business owners ask “why bother” and then say  “yes ok I will but show me the money first”!

The days of Newspaper and Magazine advertising are very much on the way out. Yes they still have their uses but their reach to potential clients and customers is diminishing. Where as the use of a mobile device is growing exponentially. On a mobile telephone of Pad you can receive all the information that a newspaper has and much more.

The update of products, information and prices is instant. You do not have to wait for the printer to print and the paper boy deliver the paper!

Twitter and Facebook are great mediums to get your message out in the market place.

By using these and other social mediums a small business can get its products in front of potential customers.

The use of Social Media has a combined effect:-

  1. To get potential clients and customers to get to Know, Like and Trust your brand and your business. They can see how you deal with enquiries and even complaints. It seems that a complaint made on Twitter usually gets a same day response if not quicker. I have seen some Banks responding to an urgent query in less than 20 minutes. That is a top class bank in my opinion.
  2. They can see your products and your latest offers. Likewise for any special promotions or forthcoming events. So in a very short time you can change your “shop window” or have a sale.
  3. It is very responsive and you can reply to potential customers and indeed existing ones in real time. This can be very valuable to secure a sale either on the day or shortly thereafter.

In summary a small business needs to use  Twitter Marketing Packages to reach out to potential and existing customers. That way  potential and even existing clients will get to know, like and trust your business. They will see how you deal with enquiries and the general public which is a very great way to build up trust. This is a key reason to use Twitter Marketing Packages so that potential clients will become actual clients.








Twitter Brothers Networking

Twitter Brothers Networking

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Twitter Brothers Networking

The Twitter Brothers Networking hour is held every Monday at 9pm.

It is open to Sisters as well and they are of course always welcome! Every type of business is very welcome and from anywhere in the world.

The idea is to promote each other on Twitter and we ask that those attending follow the Golden Rule which is:-

  1. Please briefly introduce your business and what you do. Regulars ask why should they do this? It is two fold – Firstly new comers may not know you or your business. Secondly we can Re tweet you introduction if it looks of interest to our followers.
  2. Follow each other and the host’s  that’s @Tweeturbizuk and  @TweetUrpromo.
  3. Re tweet each other as appropriate. If you think its a good tweet then please RT.  If you think it is not appropriate do not! It is what appeals to you.
  4. Please Re Tweet newbies and those with low followers as we all started on Twitter as some time and it is a great help for those starting on the Twitter Journey.
  5. Please be polite at all times.
  6. Lastly and most important ENJOY.

We do not Re Tweet spammers and auto tweets if the author can not respond to us during the hour it looks like spam so we may well not Re Tweet.

If you come along and interact in our hour with the other members and Re Tweet as appropriate including some tweets from the Hosts you Might join the Twitter Brothers Hall of Fame!

This gets you a listing with a web link and of course we try and Re tweet Twitter Brothers as much as we can.

TweetUrBizUK specialises in Twitter marketing packages to promote Small Businesses on Social Media. Many of our clients have found this Social Media Marketing so effective that some of their product lines have sold out.

These  Twitter Marketing Packages  includes Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and other social media platforms.

To take advantage of these packages DM us @TweetUrBizUK or email



Tweetursis Networking

TweetUrSis Networking Tuesdays 9pm

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TweetUrSis Networking

TweetUrSis Networking is a Twitter hour held every Tuesday evening at 9pm.  I say an hour its actually 90 minutes so it should finish at 10.30PM ! However such is the interest of some of the members it has run on for nearly 3 hours!

Whilst the hour is called TweetUrSis Twitter Brothers are always welcome!.

The idea of the hour is not to be bombarded by robot tweets. But to genuinely network with other businesses using Twitter.

The more businesses you know and interact with the more your business will be known and your social media presence will grow.

By growing your Social Media presence more people will get to Know Like and Trust you. That is a key factor in building a strong social media presence which will result in more interest in your business. That interest will turn into inquiries and of course inquiries can and do turn into sales.

Win a weeks Twitter Promotion

There is the possibility of winning a weeks free promotion of a Twitter Marketing Package on Twitter from TweetUrBizUK.

It is a great prize to win but it is not awarded lightly!

To qualify you need to be the most interactive participant on the night but there does need to be reasonable attendance level  so as to have a balanced results and the judges will not award the prize if attendance is low.

The judges are looking for the following:-

Business that :-

Introduce themselves & briefly explain what they do –  we ask this as newbies will not know who you are.

Interact with other attendees including the hosts.

Retweet  as appropriate Tweets that interest you from attendees and the host.

Tweet original content as far as possible and do not spam.

We hope this very simple guide helps and will produce more winners.

If you want to promote your small business on Twitter you should have a look at our Twitter Marketing Packages

Here are some simple questions and answers:

Can I win again if I have already won –  Yes of course but consideration will be given as to when you last won so as to give newbies a good crack of the whip.

What happens if I am a  first timer can I winYes of course you can – it is judged on the night – but it can help if you have been before or a regular attendee.

If I win should I attend again  – If you want to keep up with you new friends it would be a good idea and of course we tend to Retweet the regular attendees when we can.