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Twitter Marketing Package

Twitter Marketing Package If you have a small business you really need to be on social media and use a Twitter Marketing Package. Business owners ask “why bother” and then say  “yes ok I will but show me the money first”! The days of Newspaper and Magazine advertising are very much on the way out. […]

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Twitter Brothers Networking

Twitter Brothers Networking The Twitter Brothers Networking hour is held every Monday at 9pm. It is open to Sisters as well and they are of course always welcome! Every type of business is very welcome and from anywhere in the world. The idea is to promote each other on Twitter and we ask that those attending […]

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TweetUrSis Networking Tuesdays 9pm

TweetUrSis Networking TweetUrSis Networking is a Twitter hour held every Tuesday evening at 9pm.  I say an hour its actually 90 minutes so it should finish at 10.30PM ! However such is the interest of some of the members it has run on for nearly 3 hours! Whilst the hour is called TweetUrSis Twitter Brothers […]