Twitter Brothers Networking

Twitter Brothers Networking

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Twitter Brothers Networking

The Twitter Brothers Networking hour is held every Monday at 9pm.

It is open to Sisters as well and they are of course always welcome! Every type of business is very welcome and from anywhere in the world.

The idea is to promote each other on Twitter and we ask that those attending follow the Golden Rule which is:-

  1. Please briefly introduce your business and what you do. Regulars ask why should they do this? It is two fold – Firstly new comers may not know you or your business. Secondly we can Re tweet you introduction if it looks of interest to our followers.
  2. Follow each other and the host’s  that’s @Tweeturbizuk and  @TweetUrpromo.
  3. Re tweet each other as appropriate. If you think its a good tweet then please RT.  If you think it is not appropriate do not! It is what appeals to you.
  4. Please Re Tweet newbies and those with low followers as we all started on Twitter as some time and it is a great help for those starting on the Twitter Journey.
  5. Please be polite at all times.
  6. Lastly and most important ENJOY.

We do not Re Tweet spammers and auto tweets if the author can not respond to us during the hour it looks like spam so we may well not Re Tweet.

If you come along and interact in our hour with the other members and Re Tweet as appropriate including some tweets from the Hosts you Might join the Twitter Brothers Hall of Fame!

This gets you a listing with a web link and of course we try and Re tweet Twitter Brothers as much as we can.

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